A large explosion rocked a Palestinian Arab camp in the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre on Friday night, Reuters reported.

The explosion took place at a reported weapons depot belonging to Hamas terrorist organization, which maintains a presence in a number of Palestinian Arab camps in Lebanon, a PA source said.

The Lebanese Army quickly cordoned off the area, according to the state-run National News Agency, which also reported deaths and injuries resulting from the explosion but the details of those are not yet known.

Lebanese residents who are registered as “Palestinian refugees” and their descendants who were born in that country reside in residential neighborhoods known as "refugee camps", have limited work options and are refused citizenship.

Lebanon refuses to naturalize the “Palestinian refugees” and has stressed the need to work for their return to their country of origin, which Palestinian Arabs claim is Israel.

Late last year, Lebanese authorities launched a crackdown on foreign workers, including people registered as “Palestinian refugees”.

According to the population census conducted in 2017, there are 174,422 “Palestinian refugees” residing in Lebanon in 12 "refugee camps" and in 152 residential neighborhoods throughout the country.

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