IDF base (illustrative)
IDF base (illustrative)Flash 90

An IDF soldier guarding the back entrance of a base in the Golan Heights on Thursday night observed two suspicious figures attempting to penetrate the base.

The soldier had begun the arrest protocol when he noticed one of the suspects pull out a weapon and cock it. The soldier then fired into the air, yelled, and fired two more bullets aimed at the robbers' feet - but apparently missed the target, since the robbers escaped.

The IDF then began searching the area for the suspects, together with trackers and Israel Police.

"During the night, an IDF soldier who was stationed at a guardpost identified two suspects approaching an IDF base in northern Israel," an IDF statement confirmed. "The soldier began the arrest protocol and yelled at the suspects. Afterwards he noticed that one of the suspects was armed and cocking a weapon. Since they did not respond to his calls, the soldier fired into the air and later fired at their lower bodies. The suspects escaped. IDF soldiers and police are searching the area for the suspects."

"Torat Halehima" (Military Tactics), a religious pro-IDF organization, told Arutz Sheva, "Good for the soldier who prevented an infiltration into an IDF base. Unfortunately, according to the details publicized, the firing and the protocol for the event were influenced by the spirit of the military advocate general. A terrorist who cocks a weapon at a soldier should die. This is a tangible threat to life, and a serious threat."

"In such a situation, there should be no firing into the air, and not to his feet, but to the center of his body," the organization added. "We hope that an ethical investigation will be conducted, and that the protocols will be clarified, appropriately guiding our dear soldiers, who stand on guard day and night."