Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu
Benjamin and Sara NetanyahuHadas Parush/Flash90

The Ministerial Committee on Shin Bet Affairs will discuss the issue of the security detail provided to the Netanyahu family, which is set to expire soon and which opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu has sought to extend.

The "Crime Minister" organization published a post on Thursday evening in which it wrote, "This coming Monday, it has been agreed upon, the security will be removed and the vehicles will be taken from Sara Netanyahu and her two sons. Expect surprises."

Later, the organization clarified, "Hopefully there will be no surprises in the decision to remove the security detail."

In response to the post, the official Facebook page of opposition leader and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote, "Tonight, the 'Black Flags' movement posted a direct threat to the Netanyahu family on their official Facebook page. The Black Flags group and the Crime Minister movement are violent groups, some of whose leaders have been indicted for inciting to the murder of members of the Netanyahu family, including left-wing activist Haim Shadmi, who was documented calling for the throwing of a firebomb at the Prime Minister's Residence and burning it while former Prime Minister Netanyahu and his family are inside."

"Shadmi also made a direct threat against Yair Netanyahu and called out to him: 'We know why you need security guards. One day you will be without security guards, you never know.' The writing is on the Facebook wall - and it must not be ignored."

The Crime Minister movement responded to Netanyahu's remarks and said, "While the people of Israel are exposed to the insane waste of public money on the unnecessary security of the Netanyahu family, the bored opposition chairman incites against those who demand that the madness be stopped. Bibi, instead of making threats in desperate attempt to influence the committee, look for a car for Sara and Yair on Yad 2 (an Israeli website for the buying and selling of second-hand products -ed.). The party is over."