COVID vaccine
COVID vaccine Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

While Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has issued instructions to examine the possibility of imposing restrictions on the unvaccinated in Israel and confronted Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz on the issue, experts and international organizations strongly oppose the move.

Prof. Zvika Granot from the Hebrew University, who decided not to receive the vaccine booster shot, told Channel 12 News, "What is the prime minister trying to achieve? To put pressure on the unvaccinated to get vaccinated or to protect the population? It is better to explain that the vaccine is good and not to push the public into a corner through non-democratic means."

He said: "The question is, what is the purpose of these restrictions that Bennett wants to promote? If the purpose is to protect the fully vaccinated population, then there is no proof that it is necessary. Because a person who has been vaccinated should be protected and a person who has not been vaccinated is aware of the risks and takes it upon himself. If the goal is to burden the unvaccinated to force them to get vaccinated - then how much are you willing to step on democracy to advance an agenda? The solution should be explanatory, to convince people that it is worth getting vaccinated, and it is important not to force it on them."

There is strong opposition throughout the world to the imposition of vaccine mandates. An attempt to impose one by Austria resulted in mass protests and failed. Austria is currently planning on fining people who refuse to be vaccinated 3,600 Euros every three months.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet stated yesterday that vaccine mandates violate human rights. "In no circumstances should people be forcibly administered a vaccine."