ParisFlash 90

An elderly Jewish man was tied to a chair, beaten and robbed in his Paris apartment by anti-Semitic assailants on December 1, according to the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA).

The Paris-based organization, which comes to the aid of victims of anti-Semitism across France, said in a statement that two men who broke into the senior citizen’s apartment and held him at gunpoint last week have evaded arrest.

According to the victim, the two assailants – who were of Arab and African origin – banged loudly on his door and then forced their way inside where they punched him multiple times and placed a gun at his head.

One of the men demanded to know whether the victim was a “jeweler and a Jew.” When the elderly man said that he was not a jeweler but was Jewish, the home invaders forced him into a chair and interrogated him about where he kept the “gold.” One of them told him that if he tried to get up from the chair, “I’ll put a bullet in your head” and they also hit him in the face with a gun, causing serious bruising and bleeding.

They began to search the man’s apartment for money and valuables but only found 250 euros (approximately $280). Afterwards, they tied the victim to the chair with masking tape and left the apartment.

The victim was able to call his wife for help, and emergency services arrived and took him to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. It was said that he was in “severe pain” in his right eye due to one of the hard punches to his head.

BNVCA called for the police to do everything they can to “bring to justice” the “perpetrators of this anti-Semitic crime.”

“For several years, we have observed that Jews are increasingly being attacked in their own homes,” BNVCA said.

They noted that many many Jews in Paris, including the victim of the December 1 attack, no longer feel safe in their neighborhoods due to increasing anti-Semitic violence and would like to move elsewhere.

An investigation examining “in particular the anti-Semitic nature of the facts” of the attack against the elderly man has been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office. The two suspects have been charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault, LCI reported.