MK Shlomo Karhi
MK Shlomo KarhiIsrael National News

In a letter to the Civil Service Commissioner Prof. Daniel Hershkovitz, MK Shlomo Karhi (Likud)has called for a criminal investigation against Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, following Mandelblit's remarks against Netanyahu.

In recently leaked recordings, Mandelblit claimed that "Netanyahu endangered [Israeli] democracy. The grace of heaven saved us. We found ourselves in a war of legitimacy. The Attorney General, on the DNA of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. "

In an interview with Israel National News, Karhi excoriated Mandelblit, calling him "detached from reality."

"This is a person who thinks he was chosen by God to decide who will be the leaders of the people of Israel, and if anyone dares to criticize [Mandelblit], they are called 'a danger to the DNA of the Jewish people'. He thinks he is above everyone and no one can tell him what to do."

"He talks about Netanyahu undermining democracy, in accordance with his distorted worldview, and that was his justification for railroading [Netanyahu]. Mandelblit carried out a huge attack on democracy, carried out a legal coup by improper means and ultimately resulted in the removal of a prime minister elected by a majority of the public," Karhi continued.

"Mandelblit actually confirmed what Nir Hefetz said," Karhi added, referencing Netanyahu's former media advisor turned state's witness, "that the 4000 Case is a delusional and political case and would not have come to fruition if it weren't targeting Netanyahu. Things fit together and make sense."

"Mandelblit felt, based on his distorted understanding, that Netanyahu was a danger to democracy and therefore should be overthrown, so the task of overthrowing the leader elected by the majority of the public rests on the shoulders of those noble officials, and that is what they did."

In his letter to the commissioner, Karhi claimed that Mandelblit violated the Civil Service regulations in his recent leaked comments against Netanyahu.

"It is forbidden for an official to blatantly speak out against an elected official. He gathered a group of journalists and attacked the chairman of the Opposition, the head of the largest party in Israel. He must not do that. Even today, he is not allowed to express himself in this way, certainly when a trial is being held at the same time."

MK Karhi adds: "Mandelblit also knowingly lied. He said the witnesses' words were said willingly and we hear about what was done to the witnesses, things that were forbidden to be done in front of terrorists like using family members and other serious things he did and should be investigated."