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The British Natural History Museum has responded to complaints that the word “Israel” was erased with a red marker from a display caption.

“We have just been made aware of this upsetting defacement and will be taking steps to rectify this as soon as possible,” the London museum said in a statement on Twitter.

A museum spokesperson added that they have opened an investigation into the incident, and are attempting to find out who vandalized the sign.

The sign titled “Homo sapiens child reconstruction” was captioned: “Scientists think that humans found at Qafzeh Cave in Israel date back to an early migration out of Africa by modern humans, around 125,000 years ago…”

The assailant erased the word “Israel” with a red marker, the UK Jewish News reported.

The exhibit is a reconstruction of the face of a child based on the remains of early humans discovered in Qafzeh Cave in the Lower Galilee.

“Imagine being so totally obsessed with, and so hateful of Israel that you would go to the lengths of vandalizing a piece of historical, factual, educational material to sate your own political infatuation,” Danny Stone, chief executive of the Antisemitism Policy Trust, tweeted. “I hope the Natural History Museum will act quickly to address this but am sorry it has to.”