MK Amichai Chikli was born on 12 September 1981 (13 Elul 5741), and he is a Member of the Twenty-fourth Knesset from the Yemina Party.

Chikli ran on the New Right list during the elections to the Twenty-first Knesset. After the party failed to enter the Knesset.

Prior to the elections for the Twenty-fourth Knesset, he joined Yemina headed by Naftali Bennett; he was placed fifth and was elected to the Knesset.

In May 2021, he announced that in accordance with the party's commitments prior to the elections, he would oppose a government on the basis of a rotation between Yemina and Yair Lapid with participation by Meretz and the Joint List.

It is great when you talk to a politician and feel he is being as real as it comes, he is true to his words and tries to maintain his focus and goals without betraying his voters.

His passion is the land of Israel and you genuinely feel how this member of the Knesset wants truly what is best for the nation of Israel, keeping Zionism and Judaism alive and flourishing.

He is an Israeli educator, social entrepreneur, and the founder of the Tavor Zionist Leadership Academy.
Chikli is an expert in the history of Zionism and Israel's security, and he lectures on these topics to IDF commanders, social change organizations, and educational institutions.

In 2014, in collaboration, with the Defense and Society Department in the Ministry of Defense, he began a preparatory program for IDF service for immigrants and overseas volunteers. In 2017, in light of the organization's expanded activity, he began serving as the director of the Tavor Zionist Leadership Academy, which encompasses several programs: Hetz VaKeshet [Bow and Arrow] for high school students a premilitary academy; the Tavor Institute, which operates within the IDF and educational institutions; and a program for released soldiers.

Chikli promotes a philosophy that espouses an integration of Jewish and Israeli identity, and he works to deepen young people's connection and understanding of Jewish and Zionist heritage, which he views as critical to the continuation of the Jewish people and to the strengthening of Israel's social resilience.

He holds a liberal–nationalist political philosophy, which seeks to bring together clearly nationalist positions based on Zionist values with liberal economic and social stances.

Amichai feels also very close to the Chabad movement and admires its philosophy and learns Tanya and Chassidut on a daily basis.

He is married to Hadas, a school psychologist in Nahalal, and they have three children. The family also adopted a lone soldier from the United States whose family lives abroad, during the course of her studies and military service.

Thank you, Amichai for this great interview and for being so real and clear, just the way we like it at Real Talk.