Mandelblit and Netanyahu
Mandelblit and NetanyahuEmil Salman ,POOL , פלאש 90

Transcripts of closed conversations held by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in the context of the indictments against opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu reveal the attorney general's feelings about the former prime minister.

According to the transcripts, which were revealed by Channel 12 News, Mandelblit said that "Netanyahu endangered democracy, we were saved by the grace of heaven."

"I saw the transformation into a place of personal loyalty, which means a danger to democracy. I grew up on Jabotinsky's theory, this path begins with personal elections, and the government is meant to serve the individual. I think the one who recently led the country understood this no less well," Mandelblit was quoted as saying.

Referring to the indictments against the Prime Minister he said, "This is a decision I had a difficult time with, even after that I did not believe it would go to such places, but without noticing we suddenly found ourselves in a war over the legitimacy of the Attorney General, the DNA of the Jewish people and the State of Israel."

An associate of opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu responded: "These are messianic statements by a government official who decided to replace the people's choice - no less. Mandelblit testifies that he came to overthrow Prime Minister Netanyahu, and confirms in his voice the words of State Witness Hefetz, who testified today that Case 4000 is a delusional political case that would not have come into being if the prime minister had not been Netanyahu."