MK Sharren Haskel
MK Sharren Haskel Danny Shem Tov, Knesset spokesperson

MK Sharren Haskel (New Hope) on Monday commented on recent polls which show that her party would fail to pass the electoral threshold should Knesset elections be held today.

"I'm unfazed by the polls, no one has told me there are elections tomorrow. A lot of prophecies that were made before the election were not fulfilled, and we proved to everyone that New Hope can do impossible things. I can guarantee that New Hope will be there after the next election, and it will be bigger. Yesterday we held a really exciting event with hundreds of activists from all over the country, dedicated people who came to celebrate with us a year since the establishment of the party," Haskel told Radio 103FM in an interview.

"In the last six months, we have kept what we promised. We have the most experienced faction and the most professional, serious and operative ministers in the Knesset. We know how to work and prove to our voters that there is a different kind of politics. The country was in a tailspin for two years, round after round of elections, the country went into deficit and people ran an election economy. The establishment of New Hope took the State of Israel out of this election tailspin, we were the tiebreaker and [Gideon] Sa'ar was able to build the bridge that established the coalition and the government. I promise that in the next election, New Hope will grow and flourish," she added.

"There was no option to form an alternative government other than the current government, and if it had not been formed - the State of Israel would have been dragged into further elections and that was in the interest of the Likud - to drag us into more elections," Haskel concluded.