Natanz nuclear facility
Natanz nuclear facility Reuters

Defense Minister Benny Gantz is expected to travel to the United States later this week to join the head of the Mossad for meetings with senior US officials on the nuclear talks with Iran.

"We need to constantly align the situation on the ground with all the channels of progress of the Iranian nuclear program," Deputy Defense Minister Alon Schuster told Arutz Sheva. "We will not forget that there are other routes threatening us, the gathering around Israel's borders in Syria, in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip and the PRECISION missile and rocket project. We want to reach agreements with the world and in particular with the United States on courses of action."

The deputy minister emphasized in his remarks that "of course it is better to do things in diplomatic, economic or technological ways, but we must not, in the face of an extremist regime's intention to harm the peace of the Middle East and beyond, abandon the military stick. It must not be assumed that it is outside the rules of the game. It is deep within the rules of the game. The great powers of the world must hang over Tehran and the relevant bunkers. "Israel should not be the only one concerned with the question of the withdrawal of the Iranian nuclear project."

To what extent does Israel depend on American approval to take military action? "We are in coordination and talks all the time. The Americans, like the whole world, know that there is a government and a budget allocated to increase our ability to deal with aspects that we were lacking. I guess the Americans will get the information about that. I will not go into the conversations themselves but there should be high-level coordination. We do not operate in a vacuum and this coordination is strategically essential for the State of Israel. The details remain for the secret talks."