Scene of the terror attack
Scene of the terror attackYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The parents of Corporal S., the Border Police officer who eliminated a terrorist on Saturday, are fuming at the fact that she was interrogated after the terror attack.

The case against S. and L., who worked together with her at the scene, was later closed.

"Our children protected the State, and found themselves in an interrogation," S.'s mother told Yediot Aharonot on Sunday. "That's infuriating."

"To interrogate them for such a thing? How can we even judge them?" S.'s father questioned. "Let every parent imagine his child in this difficult situation, when a terrorist arrives with a knife in hand, for the purpose of murder. They were trained exactly for such situations."

"It's absolutely not appropriate to interrogate them," he continued. "It's insane that the Department for the Investigation of Police Officers is involved here. It's embarrassing for our country. They protected the flag - and this is the end result."

"If I had a fourth child today, it's not certain that I would send him to be combat, now that I know that this is the result. They did what the Border Police taught them to do, and we are very proud of her, we're full of pride."

S.'s parents only received news of the terror attack and their daughter's heroic actions on Saturday evening, after Shabbat (the Sabbath) ended.

"We observe Shabbat, and only after Shabbat ended did we learn that there had been a terror attack," S.'s mother said. "The first moments in which we saw the footage were very stressful. You really see that he came to attack her, and immediately afterwards you see how they thwarted it. They did what they were tasked with doing. I would act in exactly the same way if I were in their place, only with less skill."