Firebomb (illustrative)
Firebomb (illustrative) iStock

Three minors were indicted Monday for hurling firebombs in Jerusalem, Maariv reported.

The minors, 16- and 17-year-old residents of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods, were arrested after they hurled firebombs at a home in the city. Their attack did not cause injuries or damage.

Following the investigation, an indictment was filed against them.

The suspects were arrested last week, after police received a report about a firebomb attack on a home in an eastern Jerusalem neighborhood. The three were arrested and brought to the police station, where an investigation was opened. Upon completion of the investigation, the three were indicted.

"In accordance with the policy of the Jerusalem District Commander, we act with determination against severe violence of any kind, and against those who perpetrate it," Commander David Cohen, who heads the investigative office at the Jerusalem District's Shefet Station, told Maariv. "The violent events which have been taking place in the city are dealt with by a variety of enforcement forces, with determination and by using all means available to us."

"We do not compromise on using all means and forces to locate those involved and to collect evidence, with the goal of bringing the violent criminals who hurt the public to justice, and distancing them from the street - and this is what we did in this case as well. Immediately upon receiving notification of this incident, we opened an investigation, in which all of the evidence was collected, leading the police investigators to the path which the suspects, who were arrested shortly after the incident, took.

"We will continue to act against severe violence, lawbreakers, and anyone who tries to harm civilians, whenever and wherever necessary."