Scene of Jerusalem attack
Scene of Jerusalem attack Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The official news agency of the Palestinian Authority, WAFA, described the elimination of the terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Saturday as an "execution" and a "crime."

An article published by the news agency on Sunday states that footage shown after the attack documented the "execution" of the "young" Palestinian Arab Muhammad Shulkat Salima, and is "further proof to the world of the crimes of the Israeli occupation against our people."

The PA news agency claimed that the video showed "occupation soldiers firing more than six bullets at Salima's body while he was lying on the ground without posing a danger to anyone."

The PA’s “justice minister”, Mohammed al-Shalaldeh, told WAFA that "these crimes against Palestinian civilians fall under the definition of war crimes and crimes against humanity."

He claimed that international law and international humanitarian law say that this is a "crime of execution in the field without trial and unlawful premeditated murder committed by the Israeli government."

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