Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressed the stabbing attack which occurred in Jerusalem yesterday and accusations that security forces may have used excessive force in neutralizing the terrorist who stabbed a civilian.

"Regarding what happened last night at Damascus Gate: I am pleased that this time, a short time after the edited Palestinian video was released, on our side— the Israel Police and our public diplomacy network— in a very short time issued the full video - the truth. It turned the the previous perception around," Bennett said at the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday.

"I suggest that nobody rush to pass judgment on the conduct of fighters in complicated situations on the ground in the face of terrorism. It is always better to wait a moment," he added. "In any case, the full video leaves no room for doubt, the officers acted in an exemplary manner, exactly as is required of fighters in such an operational situation. They neutralized the stabber as necessary."

"They deserve the appreciation of us all for those for preventing murder and for acting with operational resourcefulness in mere fragments of seconds," the prime minister concluded.