Lapid meets UAE foreign minister
Lapid meets UAE foreign minister Shlomi Amsalem/Foreign Ministry spokesperson

Israel is very concerned about the rapprochement between the United Arab Emirates and Iran, Israel Hayom reported.

A senior delegation is expected to leave for Tehran soon to discuss strengthening ties between the two countries. Its departure coincided with a recent meeting between Anwar Gargash, senior adviser to UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and the head of the Iranian delegation to the nuclear talks in Vienna, Ali Bakri Kani.

"I hope that the delegation's departure to Tehran will take place as soon as possible, and all our friends are aware of that. Our goal is to open a new page," Gargash explained in a media briefing.

At the same time, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed visited Damascus, an ally of Tehran, and held a telephone conversation with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdulhian.

A senior official in the political system said the development was very disturbing, saying: "The Emirates is on its way to playing the Qatari game," referring to Qatar's good relations with the West - including the United States, as well as its excellent relations with Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and extremist Islamic elements.

The official blamed the UAE's turn to Iran on the weakness projected by the Biden Administration. "The Abraham Accords were born because the United States broadcast that it was strong and could be trusted. When that is not the case, the parties draw conclusions."

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said similar things last month. "They are starting to move towards Iran because they feel there is a weakness here. They feel that there was a change in Washington and there was a change in Jerusalem. The breakthrough between the Gulf states and Israel is in danger."