Michal Shir
Michal Shir Hezki Baruch

MK Michal Shir (New Hope) announced in an interview on Channel 12 on Saturday night that she would not vaccinate her children.

"As a parent, I do not understand why a five-year-old child should be vaccinated, if 0.0003 percent of healthy children develop a serious illness? Take a vaccine? It's good that there are vaccines, I am glad that there are vaccines for the State of Israel as shelf medicine in case of need," she said.

"First and foremost, you have to make sure that the adults are vaccinated. When parents are told that they are not good parents if they don’t vaccinate their children…children are not a contagion engine," continued Shir.

The Ministry of Health announced on Saturday night that the infection coefficient is 0.98 - which indicates that the pandemic has subsided. Data from the Ministry of Health show that 445 Israelis were diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 on Friday.

A total of 89,000 tests were performed in the past 24 hours and the positive rate was 0.5% - the lowest figure in recent weeks. The data also show that 111 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized in serious condition in hospitals across the country, of whom 64 are connected to respirators. About 81.5% of patients in serious condition are not vaccinated at all.

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