Minister Matan Kahana
Minister Matan KahanaArutz Sheva

Minister of Religious Services Matan Kahana commented tonight (Saturday night) on the death threats against him for the first time.

Kahana told journalist Rina Matzliach on Channel 12 News' "Meet the Press" program that "I won't say it makes me happy, but I trust that the Israel Security Agency will do its job, and I assure you that this will in no way stop me from doing important things for the State of Israel."

The minister also addressed concerns that he had been labeled a rodef (a person pursuing another with intent to kill, who may be killed to save his intended victim) by some communities. "We have seen where this label can lead," he commented, referring to the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. "I have received no such threats personally, but the ISA claims that concrete threats to my life exist. I am sure they are doing their job quite well."

Regarding his recently assigned security detail, he said, "I feel bad about it. For 30 years as a soldier in the IDF my enemy was our enemy. Now, I am threatened by citizens, by Jews. It is an extreme situation."

His family, Kahana insists, is unfazed. "They are tense, but they understand the situation. We have a massive security detail around us. The children are not afraid at all."