F-15Flash 90

An Israeli Air Force fighter jet was forced to carry out a complex emergency landing operation Friday, after one of its three landing gear failed to extend.

The incident occurred Friday morning when an IAF F-15I ‘Thunder’ (Ra’am) fighter jet suffered a malfunction while preparing to land at an air base in southern Israel.

One the two members of the F-15 flight crew noticed that one of the landing gear had failed to lower into place, leading the crew to attempt to correct the malfunction.

Once it became clear, however, that the malfunction could not be corrected while in flight, the flight crew was forced to notify the nearby air base that they had no choice but to make a difficult two-wheel landing.

Emergency teams were placed on stand-by at the base ahead of the landing attempt.

The emergency landing was successfully carried out, though the two members of the flight crew were evacuated to an area hospital in light condition; a step the military said was a precaution to rule out any other injuries.