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The nature of light is to illuminate people's spirits and bring them joy.

The spiritual light of Hannukah was derived during the creation of the world.

It was called the Ohr Haganuz, אור הגנוז, the hidden light. This hidden light illuminated the world for 36 hours.

-The number 36 is the amount of volumes in the Talmud.

-The number 36 is the amount of candles lit during the entire Hannukah.

-The word Ohr (light) אור is mentioned 36 times in the Torah.

-The number 36 also refers to the 36 hidden tzadikim (righteous individuals) in the world.

Hashem set aside this hidden light, this Ohr Haganuz , for the time of Mashiach.

Until that time, the power of the hidden light may be found in the lights of the Chanukia, the Menorah..

The Hannukah menorah has the power to illuminate one's heart and bring bring joy to the soul.

According the holy Zohar, staring at the lights of the Menorah for a few moments can revive a person's spirit.

Every night of Hannukah, there is a powerful segula to sit in front of the candles for 30 minutes, which is the required time for the candles to be lit,

and pray to Hashem.

By doing this, we draw down the holy power of the Ohr Haganuz light which in found in the menorah.

May the glow of the Hannukah lights illuminate your home all year long!


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