Nuclear Iran
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Mossad director David Barnea vowed that Iran would never get nuclear weapons.

Speaking at an award ceremony for outstanding Mossad agents, Barnea said that "it is clear that there is no need for 60% enriched uranium for civilian purposes, there is no need for three sites with thousands of active centrifuges unless there is an intention to develop nuclear weapons."

"A bad agreement, which I hope they will not reach, is unbearable. Iran strives for regional hegemony, engages in terrorism that we crack down on every day around the world, and continually threatens the stability of the Middle East. Therefore, our eyes are open, we are alert, and together with our colleagues in the defense establishment we will do whatever it takes to keep the threat away from the State of Israel, and thwart it in any way. Iran will not have nuclear weapons, not in the coming years, never, this is my commitment, this is the Mossad's commitment."

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported Wednesday that Iran has begun using advanced centrifuges at the Fordow nuclear facility to enrich uranium to 20%.

According to the IAEA, Iran has begun feeding uranium hexafluoride feedstock, which is enriched to 5% purity, into a cascade of 166 IR-6 centrifuges at Fordow.

The news comes days Iran and Western powers resume the long-stalled negotiations over Iran's nuclear program in Vienna.

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