MK Eitan Ginzburg
MK Eitan Ginzburg Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

More coalition headaches – this time between the Blue & White and Yamina parties. Next Sunday, the ministerial legislative committee is expected to be discussing a new “Equality Law” proposed by Blue & White MK Eitan Ginzburg, one that Yamina objects to, given that it seeks to amend a Basic Law, Israel’s version of a constitution.

The issue in question is Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom, which anchors the concept of “equality before the law” in legislation and outlaws discrimination. The language Ginzburg wants to introduce includes a passage stating that: “Each and every citizen is equal before the law; one may not infringe on the rights of any individual due to religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, personal status, country of origin, age, or disabilities.”

The preamble to Ginzburg’s draft bill states that, “The Declaration of Independence established that, ‘The State of Israel will preserve full equal social and political rights for all its citizens without discrimination due to religion, race, or gender.’ Since that time, the principle of equality as a fundamental right has been expanded via court rulings and in the language of various pieces of legislation – however, the principle of equality itself has yet to be anchored in a Basic Law.”

Sources have since informed Arutz Sheva that the Yamina party objects to amending the state’s Basic Law according to Ginzburg’s draft, and that it is therefore unclear what will become of his bill.

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