Police at the scene of the incident
Police at the scene of the incident

On Wednesday morning, a resident of the community of Ma’on, south of Hebron, went out for a run along the perimeter road and continued along a few kilometers beyond the Ma’on farm eastward. On his way back home, he suddenly found himself confronted with an Arab wearing a military-style jacket who started to yell at him: “What are you doing here? There’s a war going on between settlers and Arabs. You can’t stay here.”

The resident continued to run in the direction of Ma’on, but when he reached the vicinity of the farm, a tractor driven by an Arab blocked his path and from behind him, a jeep full of Jewish anarchists appeared, accompanied by Arabs. One of the Arabs approached him and threw him to the ground and started to kick him, in full view of the Jewish anarchists, who stood to one side and documented the attack.

The Ma’on resident begged the Jews to help him but at no point did even one of them come to his aid. A few moments later, police arrived.

Yochai Damari, head of the Hebron Hills Regional Council, responded to the incident, saying: “Anyone who stands in the Knesset and incites others to murder Jews shouldn’t be surprised when a Jew is assaulted during his daily run.

“This was an extremely serious incident that should be dealt with immediately by the authorities, who should be issuing distancing orders keeping extreme-left-wingers and anarchists away from the Mount Hebron area,” he added. “It beggars belief that in the Jewish state, a Jew goes out for his daily run and ends up in a situation in which he fears for his life due to Palestinians and anarchists.”