Ramallah Flash 90

Two Israelis accidentally entered Ramallah with their car and encountered a mob of Palestinian Arabs who attacked them.

The two, Breslov Hasidim from Shiloh and Elad, were forcibly removed from the vehicle, and the mob set their car on fire.

Palestinian Authority police were called to the scene and rescued the Israelis, subsequently handing them over to the Palestinian Authority Preventive Security Force.

A large amount of IDF forces arrived at the entrance to Ramallah and received the two. They were questioned in an attempt to understand why they entered the city in the first place.

In preliminary interrogation, the two said they had entered Ramallah accidentally while on their way to the community of Hashmonaim.

The IDF emphasizes that entry into Area A is prohibited and dangerous for Israelis.

The IDF spokesman said that "following the report of two Israeli civilians entering the city of Ramallah, the two were transferred by Palestinian security forces to an IDF force at the Focus checkpoint at the entrance to the city of Ramallah."

"The two citizens underwent a medical examination at the scene and did not need to be evacuated to a hospital, and they are now being transferred for questioning by Israel Police."

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