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Apparently, we are short on heroes in this country when the pickings come down to Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, even Kyle Rittenhouse.

If that’s the best we’ve got, no doubt about it, we are a nation in steep decline.

Heroes are made to lift our spirits, but Michelle, Kamala and Pete…that’s who the Democrats are proposing and projecting for leadership come 2024.

Pete Buttigieg, in case you hadn’t heard from him in a while, is our Secretary of Transportation, who, la di da, took off two months paternity leave during the height of the supply-chain crisis.

Two full months, absent on the job, while the shelves kept getting emptier. Transportation secretary and yet he couldn’t transport himself to where the supply glitch was happening.

Just so you know priorities as practiced by the current administration.

Joe didn’t think to phone him, “Hey, Pete, maybe take a half day from the baby-sitting to check this out?”

Then again, did any of the generals tell Joe, “Yo, Joe, ya think you should evacuate the civilians first, before you evacuate the troops?”

Anyway, Michele, Kamala and Pete, such are their champions. Those are their best and their wisest for the future, even after they punk’d us Joe Biden.

Joe wasn’t punishment enough.

So far as who’s batter up for the next round of elections, Republicans are sensibly playing it close to the vest. Obviously, whoever they choose will get trounced by the media.

So, the later the better, before all hell, and Adam Schiff, breaks loose.

But now is the time, apparently, for Kyle Rittenhouse to strut his stuff to fill the role of a hero, though still not sure for which party.

He takes pictures with Trump, then says he supports BLM. He also keeps ready for his close-ups on Network TV.

Fame is good!

Whichever way.

After all, he is still a kid, only 18. No rush.

But Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks the time is right, to proclaim the teenager a savior.

So she has introduced a bill to award Rittenhouse the Congressional Gold Medal…for protecting Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the BLM riot, August 25, 2020.

I believe that’s the highest honor for a civilian.

I also believe that this is so wrong, and I’m the writer who supported the kid, vehemently, throughout his trial.

What exactly did he do that is so terrific, and through what daring and selfless acts does he rate so much widespread praise, if only from the right?

It was the right thing for the jury to find him not guilty on all counts. He killed two people, but, they ruled, it was self-defense.

I cheered the verdict.

But even then, to be honest, I wasn’t cool with the notion of a 17-year-old showing up with an AR-15 to take on the bad guys like Alan Ladd in Shane. Or like Clint Eastwood in any movie.

Something about that…

To say that he is not guilty is one thing, but to use an act of Congress to stamp him a hero is something else. Maybe he’ll fill into the role, some day. Maybe not.

We can do better, even as we hunger for someone with true leadership qualities to save us from this leaderless purgatory.

Heroes are rare. This kid is still much too common. Likewise the others.

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