Western wall and the Temple Mount
Western wall and the Temple MountMati Amar/TPS

As part of President Isaac Herzog's efforts to foster "a discourse of unity and moderation" between all parts of Israeli society, including actors involved in the matter of prayer at the Western Wall Plaza, the President met today with MK Gilad Kariv, MK Alon Tal, and representatives of the Reform movement in Israel, Masorti movement in Israel, and Women of the Wall. President's Office Director-General Eyal Shviki and Legal Advisor Udit Corinaldi-Sirkis also participated in the meeting.

The meeting took place further to the announcement by the President's Office last month about the President's initiative for dialogue and initiation of a process, to be led by the director-general, on the matter of prayer at the Western Wall.

In the meeting, the President listened to the positions and suggestions of the representatives of the different movements. The President emphasized that he wishes to "lower temperatures in order to prevent baseless hatred at the site of the remains of the ancient Jewish Temple."

The President condemned all manifestations of physical and verbal violence, adding that the Western Wall is a holy site to which the whole Jewish People look up, in Israel and around the world, and that there is a need for responsibility, restraint, and efforts to find ways for all parts of our nation, in Israel and the Diaspora, to move forward peacefully.