Handcuffs on suspect (illustrative)
Handcuffs on suspect (illustrative) iStock

Israel Police arrested a 31-year-old man on Tuesday night, on suspicion that he sexually abused women over the course of the past few months.

The man, a resident of Dimona, found the women he abused on social media, a police statement confirmed.

The statement added that according to the complaints, the women connected with the suspect by means of posts he published on social media. After they met with him, he reportedly provided them with dangerous drugs and committed serious sexual crimes against them.

The man is a carrier of AIDS, the police statement added.

An undercover investigation was opened after two complaints were filed against the suspect earlier this week. Both complaints were by women who are residents of southern Israel. On Tuesday, when the investigation was moved from undercover to open, police arrested the suspect, taking him for interrogation at the Ashdod police station.

The undercover investigation revealed that the suspect would create fake social media profiles and put up posts, using various excuses to connect with women, police said. It is suspected that the suspect specifically targeted lower-class women. After the women initially connected with him, he would entice them to meet with him, offering money for their services, at which time he sexually assaulted them.

Israel Police will request on Wednesday that the Ashkelon Magistrates Court extend the suspect's arrest.