Macron and Lapid
Macron and Lapid Quentin Crestinu

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) and French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday evening concluded a long and warm meeting during which they extensively discussed the renewed talks with Iran on the issue of that country's nuclear program.

Lapid reiterated and emphasized Israel's position that Iran is trying to buy time in order to allow it to advance its nuclear program, and stressed the urgent need to reinstate sanctions on Iran, as well as the need for a "Plan B."

"I am now at the end of three days of talks in London and Paris," Lapid said, noting his talks with British officials and with Macron, which occurred alongside the Vienna negotiations. "After many years, Israel's position is being heard, and Israel's position is firm."

"We must not remove sanctions from Iran. We must tighten the sanctions. We must place a real threat on Iran, because only that will prevent it from continuing its race to nuclear [abilities]. The race did not stop here, and the race will not stop in the Vienna talks."

He added: "Together with Prime Minister [Naftali] Bennett and Defense Minister [Benny] Gantz (Blue and White), who is traveling to Washington next week, we will continue to work so that the world will understand the Iranian threat in its entirety."

Later in their discussion, Lapid and Macro spoke about the bilateral relationship between their countries, and about the possibility of expanding and deepening the cooperation on issues of security, economy, and more.

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