Weapon used by terrorist
Weapon used by terrorist Israel Police spokesperson

Two Arabs on Monday arrived at an agricultural grove near Zikhron Ya'akov in northern Israel, fired 21 bullets at a Jew's truck, and disappeared.

Upon their arrival at the Shfeya grove, which belongs to a farmer named Shlomi, the Arabs stood near the workers and shouted, "We'll kill the Jews!" and fired a spray of bullets at the truck, while continuing to shout, "We'll kill you!" and mentioning the name of the Jewish owner.

Following their violence, the Arabs escaped the scene.

Israel Police arrested three residents of the northern Arab town of Fureidis on suspicion of shooting. The three suspects range in age from 20-54.

Shlomi's son, who runs the grove with him, told Walla! that he has no idea what sparked the unusual event.

"They never spoke with us, they never asked anything from us," he told the Hebrew-language news site. "We have been on this land since the first wave of immigration (between the years of 1881 and 1903 - ed.). We don't have any quarrels with anyone. I have no idea what they wanted. Maybe to scare us. They didn't tell us, so we don't know."

"Once, when there were problems or quarrels or disagreements, then people would speak in this country. Today they shoot. That's all. The generation has changed, for sure their younger people. Maybe this thing comes after they shoot and scare people. Maybe it will still happen. Maybe this thing is in order to ensure there won't be problems in the future.

"This is reality. We'll manage. Today we already went back to the fields, obviously."

MK Yoav Galant (Likud) responded: "We live in a country in which terror attacks on Jews are not reported, under the first Jewish-Palestinian government. We must ensure that once again, the residents of Israel have security. Jewish blood is not free for the taking."