One of the Friedman children in Meron
One of the Friedman children in Meronצילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

“How do you do it all?” This is the question that friends and neighbors ask father of three Shimon Friedman. And the answer is always, “Because I have no choice.”

When Shimon and his wife Chaya learned that they were expecting their first child, they were overjoyed. They had no idea that Chaya would develop a severe medical condition which would be worsened by birth, and would become worse with each coming child.

Three sons later and she has now been too ill to function for years. That means Shimon handles financially supporting the family, running the home, cooking, cleaning, and caring for his wife.

For years Shimon suffered in silence. As of recently, however, medical debts have them in a situation so bad that their sons are now suffering as well. That’s when Shimon knew he had to follow the advice of those who loved him and admit the hardest thing a strong hard-working father can admit: His family is not okay.

Donations are being collected to help the Friedman boys get what they need to be healthy. Their campaign page also includes a stirring video on their behalf.