Lital Yael Melnik
Lital Yael Melnik Courtesy of the family

The Deputy President of the Haifa Magistrates Court on Monday ordered that the person suspected of murdering Lital Yael Melnik, 17, be released to house arrest.

The court extended the arrest of Eddy (Edward) Kachura, 49, 14 times.

In her decision, Judge Tal Tadmor Zamir did not agree to a request by Israel Police to extend Kachura's arrest again, choosing instead to release him under limiting conditions.

The police have requested to delay the implementation of the court's ruling, and will appeal the release to the district court.

Following the decision, Melnik's grandmother fainted in the courtroom. Melnik's sister screamed at the judge, "Are you normal? Do you not have children?"

Attorney Boris Sherman, who is representing Kachura as a public attorney, said, "I am in doubt as to whether the additional information will lead to an indictment for murder or even manslaughter. There is no concern of disrupting the cause of danger. It must be respected, but it is not able to change the fact that this person has been under arrest for 59 days, and has given his version of the events."

"As strange as this seems, many supports for it were found - from direct witnesses of the event (the security guard), evidence at the scene, the autopsy, a lack of bruises, and even a lack of resistance. I request an alternative to arrest. I request the judge rule that the suspect be released under conditions found suitable by the court."

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