Yitzhar Spokesperson

“R,” a former resident of the Samarian town of Yitzhar, was revealed on Sunday to have been an undercover agent of the Shabak, working for its Jewish Department to spy on right-wingers and especially on Hilltop Youth. It now emerges that it was none other than R’s wife who first made the discovery, confronting her husband with her suspicions, which he confirmed.

It was a Yitzhar resident who told Arutz Sheva of the role played by R’s wife in exposing the agent. “I don’t know how she came to discover the truth, but after she found out, she told someone else, and then they together confronted him and he confessed,” he related.

The resident added that, “R wasn’t a well-known figure in Yitzhar. He lived here when he was still single; since he married, he hasn’t lived here at all, and I doubt he’ll set foot in town again.

“There are those who are trying to get him to go through some kind of process, so that he can set an example as someone who got out of a situation like his,” the source added, “but I can’t visualize any scenario in which he’ll return to Yitzhar.”

During his time in the Samarian town well-known for its right-wing sentiments and uncompromising attitude, R worked as a gardener and would spend a lot of time driving around in his own vehicle. It is now suspected that his activities led to a resident of the neighborhood where he lived being placed under administrative house arrest. “R lent him his car, which he used for various purposes, and a short while afterward, this person was sent into house arrest,” the source told Arutz Sheva.

“Most Yitzhar residents didn’t know him,” he added. “He associated mainly with the Hilltop Youth; he didn’t belong to any of the communities that live here. That’s why, when we found out that he had been working for Shabak, there was no outcry of ‘How could such a thing happen?’ Hardly anyone knew who he was.”

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