Scene of the Meron disaster
Scene of the Meron disasterDavid Cohen/Flash90

The government committee charged with investigating the Meron disaster on Monday morning heard the testimony of Israel Police Brigadier General Morris Hen, who heads the division for security and licensing.

"The discourse in the room throughout the discussions was that we need to limit the number of participants," he recalled. "During the discussion it became clear that if there is no limit on the event at the sites of the bonfires, the event will be uncontrollable."

When asked to explain why he did less than he predecessors prior to the event, Hen said, "The staff that I had at my disposal is an experienced and senior staff. I told them of my questions regarding where the weak spots were, and after the event as well, I investigated."

During his testimony, Hen was asked by retired Supreme Court justice Miriam Naor if he "thought that it would be proper to act according to the section which requires a limit on the number of people per meter for the entire event in Meron, or only for certain areas?"

"Certainly," Hen responded. "The event was supposed to be managed entirely by means of tickets and limits on attendance, including entries and exits. We cannot remain in this vacuum simply because there is no legislation on the matter."