Ben Gurion International airport, empty during the 'coronavirus era'
Ben Gurion International airport, empty during the 'coronavirus era'Avi Dishi/Flash90

Despite the disruption and losses caused to the aviation industry as a result of the government’s decision to shut Israel’s borders to foreign nationals, no compensation will be forthcoming to airline companies, Channel 13 News has reported.

According to the report, the Finance Ministry refuses to even consider the question of compensation, with the excuse provided being that the skies are theoretically still open. However, there is no doubt that airline companies will be forced to absorb losses during the period in which tourists are unable to enter the country; in addition, Israelis who had planned vacations abroad may reconsider, given the strict quarantine rules that have now been reapplied for all those returning from foreign destinations.

“These are regular business risks,” the Finance Ministry has responded to requests for compensation, “and the airline industries know that we’re operating in the coronavirus era. The government is not the private sector’s insurance company. Industries should be planning for such events in advance.”

Of course, the Ministry is also currently operating under the assumption that the restrictions placed on foreign arrivals will be lifted once the two weeks stipulated by the government conclude. If the restrictions are extended, and the aviation industry is forced to absorb more losses, they may reconsider their position.