Kahana with security guard
Kahana with security guardSpokesperson

The General Security Service has informed the Minister of Religious Affairs, Matan Kahana, that his personal security needs to be enhanced and therefore, he will now be constantly accompanied by a security detail.

The decision followed new threats on the life of Minister Kahana that reached the GSS.

Other coalition members have also reported receiving threats, and in an interview on Channel 12 News on Saturday night, coalition chairman MK Idit Silman related details of the attack she allegedly experienced one night at a gas station in Modi'in.

Silman detailed what exactly happened that night and since, and why it took her a while to speak up about it. "We took it hard," Silman said of those who cast doubt on the veracity of her account. "In the end you say, 'Guys, what's going on here?' Do you really not believe a person who speaks up?

''For the past five months I've been dealing with people's opinions, and of course the media too. These are things that have been reported and documented. So what happened here all of a sudden?

"A man grabbed me after I was refueling at a gas station in Modi'im and just slammed me into a car," the coalition chair described. "At that moment I realized how dangerous the words 'traitors' and 'thieves' can be, and can ultimately lead to loss of life."

Silman insists that the assault was not defined as secret: "People knew the story. Amnon Abramovitch reported it. It was in the press before, it was no secret. The prime minister knew, Ayelet Shaked knew, Michal Rozen knew. My bureau staff knew. It was no secret."