Scene of the terror attack
Scene of the terror attack Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Shmuel Imergrin, father of Aharon Imergen, who was sustained serious injuries in the terror attack near the Western Wall earlier this week, spoke with Arutz Sheva about the improvement in his son's condition.

Aharon was evacuated from the scene of the attack in serious condition, and though his condition has improved somewhat since then, he is still hospitalized.

"His condition has improved and stabilized, and he is no longer in danger," Shmuel Imergrin said of his son. "We hope that on Sunday, he will be moved out of the ICU and into a regular ward. G-d has helped, and the process of improvement has been quick. He is still facing a long period of rehabilitation which will not be easy, and we will make it through that as well."

Imergrin admitted that even now, he does not know how exactly his son was injured in the attack.

"We basically hardly know anything, other than the video clip which was shared, in which shots can be heard, and the street can be seen," he said. "We don't know how it happened, where he was, whether the terrorist chased after him. We will request the video clips from the police, but no one from there has spoken to us until now."

"He remembers everything, he is focused and centered, but he can't talk about it, because his jaws are locked, because the bullet went through his jaw. We hope that within a few weeks he will be able to speak again and he'll tell us what happened. Right now we also aren't asking about it, because he asked that we not do that."

Regarding how his family is navigating the situation they found themselves in after the terror attack, Imergrin said, "We are here all hours of the day. During the first days, it was very hard for us. On Tuesday the Welfare Minister and National Insurance Institute Director General came here and told us all of our options, and we really really thank them for that. We hope that in the future we will be able to manage well, because we left our home and family in the north in order to be here. Here, we are surrounded by angels for our son, who do everything."

Shmuel Imergrin also requested that the public pray for his son's complete recovery.

"He needs a lot of prayers for him to be able to get on his feet again, like he was before," the father said. "We need a Hanukkah miracle for him. Please pray for the recovery of Aharon Yehuda, the son of Tovah."

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