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True Judge

There is a famous case mentioned in the Bible as proof of King Solomon’s great wisdom (see 1 Kings 3). Two mothers claimed the same son, and Solomon was able to distinguish between the true mother and the imposter, without calling external witnesses. The story goes as follows:

Both mothers lived alone in the same house. Both gave birth to sons, days apart. One mother slept on her son and smothered him, awaking overnight to find that he had died. She switched sons with the other sleeping mother and went back to bed. In the morning, the other mother found the dead infant at her side, but realized he was not her son.

The two mothers came to Solomon for judgment, each one claiming the live son was hers and the other mother was lying. Solomon repeated their claims for the court to hear, as if to imply, ‘What do they want from me? Being the impartial arbitrator that I am, I will impose a compromise upon them.’

Solomon called for a sword to brought before him, and then ordered the live son to be cut in half, for each mother to have her equal share. The true mother, of course, would have none of that. She pleaded that the live son be given to other woman and not put to death. The false mother, on the other hand, could care less. Neither one would have a son, and that would be fair in her eyes.

Based upon their impulse reactions, Solomon was able to tell who the true mother was. He saw no need to deliberate further upon it, for the truth was already obvious to him. Solomon was not an impartial arbitrator; he was a true judge.

A true judge does not look to make compromises or expedient rulings, he seeks to ascertain the truth and execute true justice.

Impartial Arbitrator

The world has been confronted by a similar case for the past century: Two peoples fighting over the same land. The two sides are the Jews and the Arabs, and the child is the Holy Land.

Western powers conquered whole regions and redistributed many lands among their inhabitants, carving out new states. Jews jumped on the bandwagon with some Christian encouragement, dreaming of their restoration in Israel.

Now, the Holy Land had some inhabitants in those days, before the British captured it from the Ottomans, but it was largely desolate and uninhabited. We could call it a dead son, one that had to be reanimated. Living lands were being carved out and handed over to the Arabs all around it, but the Jews were left out.

The Arabs refused to grant Israel even the carcass of its dead child. Yet, seeing as the Jews were bringing the Holy Land back to life, they tolerated their presence for a time. With the child partially reanimated, they claimed it for themselves, seeking to block the Jews’ access to it, and even seeking to drive them out.

Only after the Holocaust did the nations, in their pity, try to sit as impartial arbitrators. The UN ordered the partition of Palestine between Jews and Arabs. The Jews gladly accepted this, as it granted them a foothold in the Land of the living, a refuge from the lands of their torment, but the Arabs adamantly rejected it. As soon as the British pulled out, the Arabs invaded from all around to drive out the Jews.

Now this is where the story differs a bit, for the Jews were the mothers of the dead child. They smothered him long ago in their sleep, when they failed to safeguard God’s Charge to them, and were subsequently forced to leave.

Other peoples tried to claim the Holy Land for themselves, before the Arabs, but they failed to establish a permanent presence here, because the Land was dead to them. They held on to a dead carcass and struggled desperately with it to no avail, merely to deny the Jews the pleasure of reuniting with their lost son.

Which is exactly where we stand now. The Arabs don’t particularly need or care for some neighborhood in Jerusalem, some parts of Israel, the Temple Mount, or even the entire Land. They don’t want to establish a state here, a state they never had or sought to establish when they were the lords of the Land. They want to destroy Israel.

You see this when they burn down the forests that Jews so meticulously planted. When they sabotage and smash the light rail that services them. When they riot and burn down cars, structures, and infrastructure, even in their own neighborhoods. When they set fire to the farms that feed them. When they indiscriminately shoot rockets into population centers, where even Arabs may be found. When they blow themselves up and their sons to murder Jews with them.

The Arabs, as a whole, do not seek to have a future in Israel. Their goal is to deprive the Jews of their national aspirations here. Many would gladly die with us in a large explosion, before living peacefully beside us. Even worse, they would gladly rid the Land of its Jewish inhabitants, even if that meant they would be deprived of their own livelihoods here.

The Arabs in Israel have historically hoped for other nations to conquer Israel and destroy it, so that they could be ruled by Jordanians and Egyptians, as they have been in the past, or so that they could be a part of “Greater Syria” as they were in the past. Their claims to Israel are lies bought by gullible foreigners, for any student of history should know that they are not native to this Land.

Those Jews who want to share this Land with the Arabs are fools for even considering the possibility that an Arab state, one that never existed before, should be established here on our watch. Their foolishness does, however, show how much they care for this Land and its health, so much so that they are willing to forego national control to prevent destruction and war. It is, however, a lost cause.

The nations, those seemingly “impartial arbitrators” hoping to secure peace in the Middle East, obviously have a lot to learn from Solomon. Any true judge should know that Israel belongs to the Jews, and the Arabs should lay their hands off it.

Yshai Amichai made Aliyah from Los Angeles in 2001, settling in Israel, where he met his wife and where they raise their six children. He may be contacted at: [email protected]