The broken window
The broken windowJevrejsko Groblje

A building belonging to the Jewish Cemetery in Belgrade, Serbia, was attacked Wednesday and an axe found on the floor besides shattered glass.

European Jewish Association Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin has written to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia to ensure that a full investigation and condemnation occurs, lest it gives anti-Semites the impression that it is “open season” on Jewish buildings in the country.

In a statement from Brussels, Rabbi Margolin said, “We were very saddened to see this vandalism at the Jewish Cemetery in Belgrade.”

“It is clear that whoever was responsible has no respect for the dead, never mind the living. We extend our support to our Jewish brothers and sisters in Belgrade and Serbia as a whole, who must be reeling at this attack, and feeling vulnerable.

“I have written to Serbian minister of Internal Affairs asking for a robust response to the attack, as well as a full throated condemnation, lest the anti-Semites that carried out this act believe that it is now open season on Jewish buildings in Serbia.”

The axe on the floor
The axe on the floorDanilo Medic