Homes destroyed
Homes destroyedHezki Baruch

Hundreds of police and Civil Administration inspectors raided the Givat Zion and Ramat Migron communities in the Benjamin region Wednesday and began demolishing the homes of four families. The families had been attempting to rebuild after their homes were demolished for the first time last week.

The families claimed that they were forcibly evicted from their homes within minutes and without being given any notice or time to get organized. Residents who documented the destruction were also removed from the scene.

Elisha Yarad, a resident of Ramat Migron, told Arutz Sheva: "For the second time in a week, hundreds of policemen came to us on the hill will tools of destruction in order to destroy our house. They did not give us two minutes to get organized and took us out violently. In five minutes all our clothes, our daughter's belongings were rolled outside and they destroyed our house. They came with venom and a desire to destroy the hilltop community to the end."

He blamed the Bennett-Lapid government for the destruction. "The government is leading a strong harassment of the settlements. They're going to do this to many more hills. It seems that this is just the beginning and they are going to clear all the new settlement points and leave the territory to the Arabs who will establish a Palestinian state."

The chairman of the Religious Zionism Party, MK Bezalel Smotrich, responded, "A government with a broken compass. The Bedouin are expanding their illegal construction and the government is preparing and legislating the Electricity Law for them, and the Jewish settlements are being destroyed and evacuated. What a disgrace."