Finance Committee meeting (illustrative)
Finance Committee meeting (illustrative)Hezki Baruch

The decision to tax disposables was not made after extensive consultations, reports show.

At a Finance Committee meeting, TAMA Group representative Nili Cohen said that the Finance Ministry did not speak to them before deciding to implement the tax.

"No one sat, spoke to, or asked us before deciding on the wording of this order," she said.

Turning to the Finance Ministry representative, Shas MK Yinon Azoulay said, "It's simply insane, what we're hearing here. Who exactly did you speak to?"

The Finance Ministry representative said, "We published a legal memorandum for the public."

"You want me to start talking here about how you did your investigations? You sent a secretary with 30 dishes to make a round in a supermarket. My suggestion to you is that it would be better if you did not respond to us."

The new law taxes all dishes which are less than two millimeters thick - a parameter which includes many reusable items as well.