Weapons cache
Weapons cacheIDF Spokesperson/Flash90

Israel Police on Wednesday morning announced the end of an investigation which included the arrest of 64 people suspected of illegally using and selling weapons in the Arab sector, Maariv reported.

The Haifa District Prosecutor's Office is expected to file indictments against 52 of the suspects. Half of those indictments are expected to be filed Wednesday, while the other half will be filed on Thursday.

The indictments follow proofs which were brought, connecting the suspects to the suspicions against them. It is expected that the Prosecutors Office will request to extend the suspects' arrest until the completion of legal proceedings against them.

The investigation was conducted by the Northern District's Central Unit, which activated an undercover agent for over a year. After an intensive investigation, police investigators uncovered evidence against 52 of the 64 suspects.

According to Maariv, the undercover operation led to the largest-ever number of arrests of illegal weapons dealers, as well as the largest-ever amount of weapons confiscated. The haul included 40 rifles, 13 pistoles, two machine guns, and two explosive devices with solar operating systems ready to be activated.

The undercover activity was conducted as part of the Northern District Commander's policy to "dry up the swamp, and not just catch the mosquitoes."