Israeli-Jordanian border in Aqaba
Israeli-Jordanian border in Aqaba iStock

Activist groups in Jordan from the “Popular Movement for Change” and the “National Meeting in Support of the Resistance” will lead a protest demonstration on Friday against the recently signed "electricity for water" memorandum between Israel, the Kingdom of Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Under the agreement, the countries are supposed to work together to bring solutions to adapt and combat the effects of this climate crisis while taking advantage of the relative advantages of each state. The Kingdom of Jordan will generate electricity from solar energy for Israel while Israel will desalinate water for Jordan.

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced its opposition to "normalization with the Zionist entity" which it says "carries out the most heinous forms of terror and crime against Palestinians in occupied Palestine."

In a statement, the Muslim Brotherhood condemned the Jordanian government's reliance on Israel in vital strategic areas such as energy and water, describing Israel as a "hostile entity that does not honor agreements."

Students at Jordanian universities also held protest rallies against the agreement and called for the overthrow of the government, while activists on Twitter called the move an "agreement of betrayal."

The Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood was designated by the kingdom as a terrorist group in December of 2014 and one of its top members was later charged with "souring ties with a foreign country" by criticizing the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

However, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jordanian branch later cut ties with the region-wide movement based in Egypt and subsequently won 15 seats in the country's 130-member parliament.

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