Syrian media reported overnight Tuesday that Israel carried out an air strike in the vicinity of the city of Homs.

Syria's official news agency, SANA, reported that the country’s air defense systems were activated following the Israeli attack and intercepted most of the missiles.

A military source in Syria said four Syrian soldiers were wounded in the attack and that it caused material damage.

Syrian state television reported that two civilians were killed and another civilian was injured in the air strike.

Just last week, Syrian media reported that Israel attacked an empty building south of the capital, Damascus.

According to the report, Israel launched two missiles from the direction of the Golan Heights, and one of them was shot down. No injuries were reported.

Two weeks earlier, Syria's official SANA news agency reported that Israel carried out an air strike on the outskirts of Damascus.

A military source stated that the attack, which was carried out using missiles, caused damage.