Dr. Shmuel Katz is one of the founders of StandWithUs and a leading activist in the United States for Israel advocacy. He is involved with Jewish and pro-Israel organizations across the United States, and his articles are published on various media outlets. Below is an interview with Dr. Katz about current political events, conducted exclusively for Israel National News - Arutz Sheva.

Q: After years of the Trump Administration implementing Middle East peace initiatives focusing on normalizing relations with Arab countries surrounding Israel, the Biden Administration is ushering in new policies based on old paradigms that have not worked in the past. They propose a two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian-only consulate in Jerusalem. Should Israel be concerned with this shift in policy and how should the Israeli government react to this proposed change of focus?

A: This situation must be viewed from accurate historical and practical lenses. Logically, a two-state solution should work. However, historically, this proposal has already been tested twice. Once, before the modern State of Israel was established; legal agreements were recommended and signed by the League of Nations in 1920 at the San Remo conference to establish a country for Jews in their ancestral homeland. This agreement was violated in 1922 when the British gave 80% of the determined land to the Hashemite kingdom of Trans-Jordan, effectively creating a two-state solution – the Jews, owning less than 20% of their promised land accepted the new plan, but the Arabs rejected it.

The second time a two-state solution was attempted was in 1947. The United Nations sought to divide the remaining Jewish land in half (leaving the Jewish nation with 10% of what they were originally promised). The Jews accepted the proposal, while the Arabs once again rejected it.

All these attempts to make peace with Arab-Palestinians have failed so far, despite multiple very generous offers by Israel and supported by the international community. It is difficult to say that an additional attempt for two states will bring better results. The Arab-Palestinian leadership see their two-state solution in very simple terms: give Palestinians two terror-supporting states – “Hamasstan” and “Fatahland;” two states to destroy Israel and harm the free world. If implemented, the international community will lose one of its greatest resources in the Middle East – Israel – who provides military, advisory systems, and research and development to many in the international community.

Q: Given these important historical facts, now that Biden is trying to create a two-state solution, what course of action should Bennett and Lapid take toward Biden’s change of policy?

A: Unfortunately, when radical groups are given things for free, they don’t consider it a concession, they consider it an act of capitulation. If Israel gives away part of her ancestral homeland for nothing or allows Jerusalem to serve a people who inaccurately claim to have ownership over it, the radical group will consider Israel to be a nation without a backbone. Palestinian leadership will consider the land grab as the first step towards liquidating Israel in its entirety. It will be a lose-lose deal for anyone who wants peace in the Middle East.

Q: What advice can you give Jewish parents who hear their children who return home from their college campuses repeating anti-Israel rhetoric such as, “Israel is an occupying power” and the like?

A: The first point is to teach kids to look for real historical facts. For example, in relation to the history of the Jewish people, they can read the Bible; they don’t have to be religious, and its veracity has not been disputed. Also, one can investigate a modern historical text like the material that StandWithUs produces (Standwithus.com/booklets). The Jewish Virtual library is another great resource addressing myths and facts of the Arab-Israeli conflicts. Once a child is well-informed of basic information, the child can stand on solid ground to face reality. Even if people accuse this young spokesperson of believing in the wrong things, there’s no need to be apologetic, rather simply respond to the accuser’s fantasy with facts.

Israel wants good to prevail, they want to help Arab-Palestinians. Israel has a major program that helps in times of disaster, wherever it strikes. Israel helped Florida, Israel helped Haiti, Israel helped Turkey, Israel helped Japan. We should not succumb to terrorists. We should ensure that we put our resources towards helping the just cause of Jewish people in the State of Israel.

Interview edited for written format by Shlomo Deutsch

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