Anti-Semitic symbols and messages spray painted on a road in Lehigh Acres, Florida were visible for weeks before being recently removed, WINK reported.

Neighbors had complained that residents had brought up the messages but nothing had been done by authorities to removed them.

On Friday, a Lee County truck finally paved over the symbols.

A shocked Lee County resident said he discovered the hate symbols when he was out with his children taking his dog for a walk.

Neighbours described the area as a “very diverse” neighborhood and said they were surprised to see the symbols.

A bus stop is down the road from where the hate symbols were painted. Schools buses could be seen driving over the graffiti.

“I guess they maybe want to send a message. ‘What message?’ I don’t know. You know, to me, it’s childish,” Gerald Reisdoft told WINK.

Residents who live on the street said they first appeared in red paint. A few days later, someone painted over them, crossing out the anti-Semitic symbols. One swastika was crossed out and the phrase “Proud Jew” was painted in its place. Other red swastikas were crossed out with white paint.

“I’m old enough to know what the second world war is about,” Reisdorf added. “And I thought that was behind us,” Reisdorf said.