Mansour Abbas
Mansour Abbas Noam Moskowitz/Knesset spokesperson

A confrontation took place in the Knesset plenum Monday evening between Religious Zionism party chairman Bezalel Smotrich and United Arab List (Ra'am) chairman Mansour Abbas.

In his speech, Smotrich addressed Abbas, who chaired the session as Deputy Knesset Speaker, and demanded that he condemn the deadly shooting attack by a Hamas terrorist in Jerusalem yesterday.

"You can't even get the words out of your mouth: 'I condemn the murder of Eliyahu Kay in Jerusalem," Smotrich accused.

MK Abbas replied, "If there is anything that has affected me in the history of the Jewish people it is the blood libels and false accusations against the Jews, and that is what you are doing today."

The Ra'am party condemned the attack on Sunday, but only in Hebrew, due to concerns over potential criticism from the Arab public should they issue a condemnation in Arabic as well.