ZAKA forces at the scene of the Meron tragedy
ZAKA forces at the scene of the Meron tragedyDavid Cohen/Flash90

The Chairwoman of the State Commission of Inquiry into the Mt. Meron Disaster, retired Supreme Court President Miriam Naor, delivered interim recommendations, which were formulated by the members of the commission, on safety preparedness for this [Jewish] year's Lag b'Omer celebrations.

Pursuant to the foregoing, the National Security Council will lead the staff work to study the recommendations of the commission and submit recommendations to the Prime Minister forthwith.

Prime Minister Bennett Naftali Bennett said following the presentation of the recommendations: "A terrible disaster like the one which claimed the lives of 45 Israelis, who had come for the celebrations on Mt. Meron, cannot be allowed to recur. Negligence, failed management and unprofessional appointments cost human lives."

"We will study the report's conclusions in depth, which are designed to ensure that from this year, the celebrations on Mt. Meron will be handled completely differently. The celebrations on Mt. Meron are a central event for the traditional and religious public among the People of Israel and we are obligated to allow and help the event to happen, but in a safe manner," Bennett said.

Religious Services Minister Matan Kahana stated: "We will study in depth the interim conclusions of the commission of inquiry. The 2022 Meron event will be completely different from Meron events that have taken place thus far, and will take place according to other safety standards. The government of Israel is committed to the safety of its citizens."

Public Security Minister Omer Barlev: "I thank the members of the commission for submitting the interim report today, which allows preparations to be initiated for the upcoming Meron celebration. Past errors must not be repeated. It is our duty to allow safe freedom of worship for all citizens of the State of Israel. We in the Public Security Ministry and in the agencies subject to us will study the interim conclusions and draw lessons from them."