Aluminum Modern Fence
Aluminum Modern Fence צילום: Alumission

Aluminum horizontal fence is a modern and elegant fence system that offers contemporary architectural style. It is very durable, has a long life, and requires very little maintenance.

One can always choose from multiple colors and shades of horizontal slat fencing depending on the style of the garden or patio, and it is made of high-strength aluminum for long-term strength and durability. In addition to its ornamental attributes, it can also be used as a privacy screening system, a louver, or even a sunshade.

How Can You Install By Yourself Aluminum Modern Fence?

In order to build a DIY modern aluminum fence, one must follow a few simple steps. As soon as the fence posts are installed, the construction of the aluminum modern fence can begin. In the beginning, a design must be drawn and the location of the top rail should be marked. Once the rails have been cut to the desired length, and the top rail has been fastened to the post, the boards must be attached horizontally, and additional vertical support must be provided. The same process should be repeated for each section and the post caps must be added in the end.

Why Is Aluminum Horizontal Fence The Best Way To Go?

Low to No Maintenance

A major advantage of aluminum fencing or screening is its low maintenance requirements. Compared to wooden fences, aluminum fencing requires virtually no upkeep, so one can spend more time admiring his home instead.

No Chemicals Involved

By eliminating the possibility of nasty chemicals leaking out of the aluminum screening, one can rest assured that all family members, pets, and veggie patches, are safe.

Extra Durable & Easy To Work With

It's also commonly known that aluminum is one of the lightest metals. Therefore, the aluminum slats are relatively easy to work with. As a matter of fact, the entire work can be done by a single individual. Due to the malleability of aluminum, slats and screening can be easily customized to meet local building codes.

A Great Investment

In comparison to steel and wood, aluminum does not tend to succumb to the same culprits. Aluminum can virtually brush off corrosion, rust, and erosion every single time.

A Variety Of Styles & Colors

Powder-coated, bush cherry, and whatever else one can possibly desire, there is an extensive range of products that can be customized to meet one’s tastes and needs.


With aluminium horizontal fence, one will spend significantly less on the fencing project compared to bricks and wooden slats, or a wooden picket fence.

What Materials Are Required To Construct A Modern Horizontal Aluminum Fence?

There are only a few basic materials needed to build a horizontal fence. Those include level, hand saw, trim boards, finish nails, concrete bags, string line, fence boards, some paint, paint sprayer, a post hole digger, and landscape marking paint.

Is It Worth It?

The answer is YES. The modern horizontal aluminum fence is known for its strength and durability. Over time, horizontal fences will remain healthy and solid longer than vertical fence posts, which develop rot at their base. Modern horizontal fences are capable of maintaining their integrity for many years and can even be used for privacy for a long time without constant maintenance.

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