Aharon Karov
Aharon KarovHezki Baruch

Aharon Karov, an officer in the Paratroopers Brigade who suffered severe injuries in Operation Cast Lead 13 years ago, said he is not yet fully recovered from his injuries.

Karov went to battle the morning after his wedding, after having been called up to command his unit. He was named the most severely wounded soldier of Cast Lead, and nearly lost his life when an explosive detonated on top of him in Gaza.

Today, Aharon and his wife Tzvia have three children.

On Sunday, marking the day honoring wounded IDF soldiers, Karov told 103 FM Radio about the injury which changed his life and everything he knew.

"I was a commander in the army," he recounted. "I got married and the next morning, my commander told me that we were going to war. It was obvious to me that in such a situation, I would go to war, and not look at myself but at the nation of Israel."

"We went up to one of the homes, and a device exploded on a wall. I flew into the stairs and was buried under the rubble. My main injury was to my head, my face was destroyed. I was between life and death. Today I am functioning, I can walk and run. I continued on, and I have three children. We look back at the day we were wounded for the sake of the country. I protected the country, and the shrapnel that's in me protected our country. It's not just me."

"From a cognitive perspective, I am still in therapy, 13 years later. I still go to a speech therapist and to an occupational therapist, because I still do not manage to speak. It's hard for me to do so many things," he concluded.