Rabbi Zeevi Katzenelbogen
Rabbi Zeevi Katzenelbogen Courtesy of Channel 13 and Sivan Alaklak

Rabbi Zeevi Katzenelbogen, 46, who lives in the Old City, was moderately wounded in the terrorist attack in the Old City this morning, Sunday, and recounted the tense moments of the attack.

"I returned from morning prayer at the Western Wall - still with my tallit and tefillin on.

"As I was walking down the street leading to my house I heard gunshots and realized there was an incident. In a split second I felt a strong pain in my arm, exactly in the place of my tefillin. I turned around and entered a building.

He said he had "received life as a gift," adding that "it's written that the tefillin are connected to the heart."

A man in his 30s was killed in the attack, and three others were wounded.

The terrorist, Fadi Abu-Shahidam, opened fire in the area of ​​the Chain Gate in the Old City and was shot dead. Abu-Shahidam, a resident of Shuafat in his 40s, belonged to the political arm of Hamas. Palestinian Arab social media posted footage of the terrorist seconds before he carried out the attack.